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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Troll Rescue

Well look what I found today in our thrift stores, you guessed it, 6 more trolls to add to my already growing collection. I've been collecting trolls sence I was 13 yrs old, so yes I have some good old ones. and a beautiful big flower pot

                                      Our New Trolls & Flower Pot

The troll with the rainbow hair in the back I got at share & care along with the beautiful flower pot, The other 5 trolls I found up at the Junction. Great find today.

                              all 7 Rescued Trolls for the month of Aug. 2010

The troll on the left in front with bright pink hair I got also at the Junction earliet this month, so it's been a great month for Troll Rescue.

I can go into thrift stores, & Antique stores for months in a row and never find any trolls, then like the blink of an eye, there they are just waiting for me to come get them. Hope you enjoy them as much as I'm enjoying sharing them with you..Jean

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