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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drive Through

                                         Food For Thought:

If it's illegal to drink & drive, and it's illegal to have liquor
in your car/truck etc., then why do they have drive thru liquor

Do they honestly think someone driving up to that window is going
to jump out and say to the driver behind them, wait a minute while
I get out of my car and open the trunk and put my booze inside so
I'm Not breaking the law by having it inside the vechile with me... HUMMN

While I'm on a roll here, Let me tell you, when we moved to Harrison Arkansas
 from Calif. one of the reasons we choose this community was because it was
a "DRY COUNTY".. YES, we had the "special " excuptions of wet business'es
here, but for the most part it was a dry county...I'm not happy about a seeing a liquor
store on every corner around here now...

I'm now wondering when the bars are coming and the topless/bottomless stip clubs are
coming, after all, we all know when you allow one in to pollute your community, the
rest will soon follow

Tuesday, July 24, 2012



The following is a alphabetic list of key points to help you learn how to pray for fellow believers.

A - Anointing - Ask God for the anointing-empowering-filling-directing-maturing of the Holy Spirit so that the person will operate in the Spirit’s power.

B - Boldness - Pray that the person speaks the word of God with boldness, confidence, & articulative cross-cultural effectiveness.

C - Comfort - Ask God for the comfort when one is discouraged, broken-hearted, or stressed out. Trust the Lord for the comfort of the Spirit’s song, strength, & succor.

D - Direction - Ask the Lord that the person will sense God’s specific direction in one’s personal life & ministry activities. Wisdom for discerning the best decision not just the one that is least objectional to everyone concerned.

E. - Encourage - Ask God to send someone to encourage the person & to allow the person to be a blessing to many. Trust the Lord for the renewing of the Joy of the Lord

F - Family - Pray that the person will guide one’s family in the way of the Lord’s will

G - Glory to God - Pray that the person will live each day to glorify God

H - Humility - Ask that the person will develop a sense of humility & reject pride.

I - Insight - Ask the the person will see people & things from God’s perspective.

J - Joy - Pray that the person will be full of joy of the Lord in all situations.

K - Knowledge - Pray that the person will desire knowledge of God’s word & apply it consistently. Trust in the Lord for wisdom, ideas, & insights into all problem areas.

L - Love - Ask the the person will labor from Godly motives, not to please other people or live hampered by a fear of men

M - Motivation - Pray that the person will be a vessel of God’s love to others

N - Needs - Pray that the person will realize that in Christ all needs will be met according to His riches in glory. Trust that the Lord will provide in all areas of life.

O - Open doors - Pray that the person will recognize opportunities to share the gospel.

P - Prayer partners - Ask God to provide prayer partners who will intercede on a regular basis for this person. Trust God for a community of believers in each domain.

Q - Quiet Time - Pray that nothing will keep the person’s life so he or she will experience personal renewal & maturity in all dimensions of life.

R - Revival - Ask God to work in the person’s life so they may experience personal revival in all things. Trust the Lord to help the person spend quality time in devotions

S - Servanthood - Pray that the person will do one’s work with a servant spirit as Christ came not to be serve but to serve. Trust for an attitude to serve God before men

T - Thankful heart - Ask God to give the person a thankful heart, even in difficult situations. Pray that one would see the positive even in negative situations.

U- Unsaved - Pray that the unsaved will develop a hunger & thirst for Jesus Christ in their lives and that the Lord will use certain people to bring many to Christ and see that many new churches are planted in unreached areas

V - Victory - Pray that the person will know victory in spiritual warfare

W - Weariness - Pray that the person will not get bogged down in having too much to do and will remember the promises of God for strength, courage, & help in trouble.

X - X-Ray vision - Ask God that the person will have a discerning mind into the heart felt needs of people & be able to deal with root cause problems rather than superficial symptoms. Pray for an ability to analyze without being critical or judgmental.

Y - Yieldedness - Pray that the person will be completely yielded to Christ & willing to die to self and take up their crosses, pains, & disappointments daily surrendered completely to Him in everyway, loving Him with all their being.

Z - Zeal - Pray the person will have a renewed zeal to share the gospel. Grace to you & gratitude.