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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Koffee Time - Ron & Jean's Mini Vacation

Ron & I had such a lovely "Mini Vacation". We went to Silom Springs on Saturday, spendt the night, then about noon or so, we drove to Eureka Springs and check into our room there.

We stayed @ the Best Western (Inn of the Ozarks) hotel. This hotel had everything you could want. A Great resturant, Key word GREAT; Pool, simi private balcony, game room which included pool, miniture golf, shuffle board, games for kids, etd. At the pool was a wonderful waterfall, then at night there was an out-door movie to enjoy. Ron & I were the only ones in the pool, then the movie started and before we knew it there were oh 1/2 dz kids swimming with their parents and the watching the movie (quietly I might add) and so many others sitting at the tables just enjoying to souroundings and moment. We had such a fun night Sunday.

We road the trolly (which had a stop right in front of our hotel) downtown and enjoy our walk, shopping and YES you guessed it "PEOPLE WATCHING". There are some strange looking people in Eureka Springs if I do say so myself (poking fun at only ourselves). Honestly however, I think it's more of a 60's type place, everywhere you went incence burning, crystals, tye-dyed clothing, jewerly, etc. like they might be stuck in the 60's / 70's. There were also some well to do places, and wonderful art work to enjoy. I loved the old buildings, and the smell of the woods, soft breeze everywhere.

On Monday Ron & I went down to the Healing Springs, and I stuck my poor hurting (arthritis) feet into the springs . NO they are not healed but I had a great time and the spring water was so COLD, I flashed back to the titanic thinking of how quickly thermia must have effectived those poor folks and I could take my feet out of the cold anytime I wanted. Funny how that popped into my mind.

Then we went into an OLD fashioned Ice Cream Palor and had great Ice Cream. The decor was in old time coke, everything was coke right down to serving coke in bottles. Neat to see this, Ron took a few photos in here as well

After this we went to the Christ of the Ozarks statue. It's always so peaceful and relaxing there. We so enjoy walking down to the statue. You can see some wear and tear from weather on this mighty statue, but it's still an AWEEEEEEEEEEEEE experience. I highly reccomend it to everyone

Hated to come home after such a wonderful weekend alone with my Sweet Beloved Ron. I so enjoy just Ron & Jean time, just the 2 of us enjoying God's beauty everywhere we look.

OH the most important thing of all, My Sweety celebrated his ( I'm not telling you ) Birthday yesterday. Another mile stone to add to our collection.

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