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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Koffee Time - Our Pets, Our Babies, Our Dogs

                      {Proverbs 26:11 (NIV) As a dog returns to its vomit}

So you guessed it, this is my feelngs about our most loved pets, "DOGS"
We have 2 dogs ourselves, (We have 12 yr old Murphy & 3 yr old Snickers) they are my companions, my babies, they give me reason to get up everyday, I feed them walk them, love and baby then, & spoil them. They let me know when things arn't right, when there is a strange noise outside, etc. so why am I writing about my dogs today?? It's time I also pointed a finger to the other side of my babies / my doggies.

Dogs also wash themselves, they lick their butts, their private parts, dogs are also known to stick their noises in eachothers butts to get a good sniff. They will lick their own soars, your soars, they will also lick eachothers soars,  eat trash, road kill, maggic infested food, walk in their own waste. [some dogs will even eat their own waste] You guessed it, they will even vomit and return to lick it up (this is in the Bible, read it for yourself, Proverbs 26:11 & 2 Peter 2:22), [get this, something made them sick enough to vomit and then they in turn will lick it back up and eat it] Did someome say GROSS - YUK

WHY after reading the above would anyone allow their dogs / babies lick their faces & or hands, giving kisses? "IT'S NASTY" discusting, gross, vial. Dogs are just that, DOGS, not people and they should NEVER lick on your hands or face, EVER. Spreading germs and you lovingly spread them to eachother, and your children & grandchildren all because you allow your so called baby to lick your hands and face. This is beyond GROSS

I love my dogs as I've said before, I cuddle them and spoil them rotten. They bring me such joy and comfort; But, NEVER - EVER- would I allow them to lick me or my loved ones. Sometimes I feel Snickers barely touching my lower back leg after I come out of the shower with a gently slight lick (butterfly kiss), but then he's gone like a flash, why because he knows this is not acceptable in our home.. Period

I knew a woman years ago that would say to her dog, come give momma a kiss, her dog would jump up into her lap and she would open her lips and the dog licked inside her mouth, I have to tell you, I was SICK, and nearly vomited

So there you have it, my feeling on dogs licking their owners faces & hands. I hope you will re-think before allowing your precious little dog type friend to lick or wash your face & hands;

PLEASE never allow your little friend to eat off your dishes, this also is GROSS. Your dishes are for people, and our Loving pets have "their own" bowls. My Mother says well your just being silly, I wash all the dishes (by hand), I say NO It's NASTY.  Dogs have their dishes, and people have their dishes, and the twine shall not mix...Period

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