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Saturday, August 21, 2010

3 Job's Tear Necklaces (Aunt Lois, Rhonda, & Stacy)

{Aunt Lois's Necklace}

Made from Job's Tears beads that Ron grows for me & Flower beads we bought in Eureka Springs from the Cresent Bead Store.

{Rhonda's Turtle Necklace}

Rhonda's necklace was also made from Jobs Tear Beads that Ron grows for me, and the green turtle beads as well as the gold turtle we bought in Eureks Springs at the Cresent Bead Store. We also made her a pair of matching earings to match the necklace.

{This is Stacy's Frog Necklace}

Stacy's necklace was also made from Job's Tear beads Ron grows for me, However, her frogs came from Micheals in Branson Mo.. The blue beads I had in my bead stash and just used them to bring out the frogs.

About Micheals, they have a lovely supply of beads to choose from. The only problem is they have a display that holds their small charms in it  goes down litterly to the floor. So middle aged women who like myself that wear bi-focals can't see have to bend over and serch for their charms nearly on their head. No I won't be going back to Micheals to buy any more bead supplies.

 I will  go to Eureka Springs to the "Cresent Bead Store" where all their beads and supplies are at eye level for you to not only see but enjoy. They are very helpful as well and have everything you could possable need for beading

Happy Beading one & All

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  1. Do you sell your Jobs Beads or Jobs Beads necklaces? I would love to buy some! BBECKER14072@aol.com