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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blue Boy 3

Well here it is already Saturday 1/23/2016 and much to share with you about BB.

Blue Bird seems to be a very happy little bird. Most of the day light hours he's busy singing churping away, then when I finish the evening dishes he quiets down mostly for the night, but when we turn off the lights for the night, he's quiet as a mouse... smile

BB doesn't care if we put out hands in his cage.He's not flighty in the least, until today. Our first lesson in hand training. I just put my hand in the cage flat open and left it the cage while I gently talked to him for several minutes.. Yes he seemed to know something was different. He did get some excited but kept coming back to his purch to be close by, yet free to escape if need be.... Tomorrow we try again

Have a Blessed day one in all

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Blue Boy 2

We made it through our first night together. This silly bird sings and makes so much noise, I had forgotten how much noise parakeets make with our last set of birds being finches (little computers sounds)

Funny thing, when I put my hands into his cage, he's not at all flighty/scared or anything un-usual. I think maybe by this weekend I'll begin to hand train him and see how that goes. For the mean time I just want him to get used to our walking up the his cage and chatting with him.

When all the lights went off last evening, he quieted down and remained quiet through-out the night. When Ron awoke this morning to let Snickers (our lil doggie) he turned on the light and low and behold, Blue Boy began his singing & noise... I told Ron, when the lights on, looks like its free for all around here... smile

So glad we got our new little friend, I've missed having the beauty of God's little feather friends making such lovely sounds to sooth our souls inside

Have a Blessed day one & all

Blue Boy

I know, I know, I said after my finches died no more birds for us, well we were up
at the Paws for Cause thrift store a couple weeks ago to drop off alot of things I
gathered together, and right there in my eye sight they had this nice big bird cage
on sale for $10.-, now I ask you could you pass it by, like I said, honey I think
we need to get this...

Today, we went to Scales & Tails pet store and yep, we got Blue Boy, just
couldn't help myself. I also got a travel cage $10....- in case we have to take
him to the vet or something. He has not stopped singing and making noise
since we brought him home... I'm a happy girl, Ron and I have alwys had
birds ever since we married 44 yrs ago...

1st photo is Blue Boy in his permant home cage
2nd photo, Blue Boy in his travel cage,

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Proverbs 19

Fear-of-God is life itself, a full life, and serene -
 no nasty surprises. ( Prov. 19:23 MSG)

The fear of the Lord leads to life; then one rest content, untouched by trouble ( Prov.19:23 NIV)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bloom Where Your Planted

                                           "Bloom where your planted"

 Stop looking at richer soul, better water system, or your neighbors
yard. Right where you are is where God wants you to be, make the
most of every day, every opportunity, and Bloom as you were meant to.

Stop all the what it's, if I lived here or there, if I could do this or that,
go to this school, work at this or that job, had a better employer, etc...
BLOOM WHERE YOUR PLANTED, right where you are right now.
You may not be where you desire to be, but know you can make your
life and that of others around you better, so pull up your attitude, put
a smile on your face, and make the best of your situation. Even the
worse situation ever looks better with a smile on your face, and
blooms in your heart