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Friday, September 10, 2010

Today is our 39th Annivsary

                                            {Happy 39th Annivsary}

I awoke to these Beautiful Flowers sitting in front of the computer this morning. My Beloved Ron bought them for me in celebration of our 39th Annivsary Today.

Were going out tomorrow night to celebrate, dinner at the Red-Lobster and then we'll see what the Lord has in mind for us while were over in Branson

Years ago when our children were in Jr. High School {In Calif.}, I remember our Daughter Rhonda saying, you two are the only ones still married to eachother. All my friends parents have divorced and either are re-married or living with their other's.

In High School Rhonda said maybe 3 families still had the original parents married to eachother and the rest were re-married or living with their other.

We moved to Harrison Arkansas "Ozarks" {Bible Belt}  in 2001. Most of the couples are married to their original spouces. To see others married for 35 yrs, 40 years, 45 yrs, 50 & 60  yrs is Not Un-Common here..

YES there are many here divorced, re-married, living together etc. but Most Couples who have gotten married are still together. Do I contrubute it to living in the BIBLE Belt, YES I do, When you Walk in God's Word, You live as God wants, and thus a Happy Marriage, Home, Family, Life

I have been Blessed to be Married to my Precious Ron for 39 yrs today.
Ron is my Gift from God, My Best Friend, Father of our Children, Grandfather to our Grandchildren. I am so BLESSED to have Ron as my Husband & Partner in life.  We have been through many trials together in our lives, There is NO ONE I would have rather walked through these trials with other then Ron, He's my Rock, Thank You Ron for 39 Wonderful Years together.

          As Ron would say, 39 down & a lifetime to go.

   Happy Annivsary My PRECIOUS Ron, I So LOVE YOU!!!

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