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Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Today is Labor Day,  Last day of summer vacation and on to Fall & Winter happenings.

Ron is going to BBQ tonight, He's cooking hot dogs (more about hot dogs later), Potato Salad, Beans & chips. This is our yearly dose of hot dogs, and believe me when I say once a year is enough for this girl.

NOW on to the hot dogs. There was a time when you went into the market to buy hot dogs. Thats what you found was a couple brands of hot dogs. You picked one and were on your way.. Not today...
I buy Oscar Meyer brand if I'm not buying Hebrewnational 100% beef hot dogs.  Today at our local Wal-mart they did NOT have 2 kinds of Oscar Meyer hot dogs (beef & regular), No they had Turkey, Beef, regular with turkey, chicken & pork,  with nitrats or not with nitrats, with cheese, no cheese, jalapinos or not jalapinos, 8 pack or 10 pack. Mind you I didn't plan on going to the libuary, but in order to buy a single pack of hot dogs, I spendt 15 minutes going through these awful things just to find a simple pack of 10 hot dogs. Oh each had their own price as well, 8 packs that were NOT cooked  & were more then the rest. HAAA lets get this, I have to pay more for less and then cook them, did someone say duhhhhh.
Next year, NO hot dogs, I'll be BBQ'ing chicken where I can grab some (without water solution added)  and go home and cook it, and yes, Ron will be thrilled I'll even make my own potato salad... YUMMY

Hope your all having a wonderful day off from both school & work.. Enjoy your down time

God's Blessings upon each of you

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