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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept. Blog E-Letter

                                                 {Ron & Jean}

Sept. has been a busy & Blessed month for Ron & I. We celebrated out 39th annivsary on the 10th of this month. How the years have flown by. We are Blessed with 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and now were by ourselves again (excupt for our 2 dogs) enjoying life and checking out this awesome country we live in.

Fall is beginning to peek it's head into our lives and souroundings. I can see the tree's thinning out, and some leaves taken on the fall colors. We were sitting on our deck last evening and noticed that the shrubs are thinning out already. Maybe we should prune them now before winter hits. Who knows,

Temp. have cooled off here in the Beautiful Ozarks. We've been able to turn off our air conditioner and open the doors & windows. How nice to have fresh air in our home again. The nights are cooled down as well. In fact we put a light blanket on our bed because it's gotten cool now. I see it's pre-dected to go into the high 30's & 40's durning the evening for the next week.

Ron's daliah's are blooming strong and looking great. I see I have new Job's tear seeds again, that will need picked before long. I bought some new "Purple" Crocus bulbs that I need to get planted. I love seeing the crocus pop through the snow to let us know spring is in the air. We have a garden full of yellow crocus  & a "few" purple already,  but I need lots of purple as it's my favorite color & besides why not.

I have been busy crocheting hats for children in Headstart. I've decided to start making them for the children (low-income) in our much needed school here in Harrison. We have an elementary school where most of the really needy children seem to go and they need some love and care as well, so thats my goal to make hats for these children who will gladly take our gift of love and donation.
Headstart (here in Harrison) wants you to sign a paper saying your donation is worth no more then $25.- and I can't lie, I have over $80.- invested in the yarn alone each year not to mention my time and energy, and anyhow It's a donation, Love-Gift FREELY GIVEN to the children with NO CHARGE whats so ever, so why do they need to make it difficult for me the giver. it's NOT like  this is community service or court ordered, the hats are made because I have been Blessed with the talent of knitting & crocheting and I just want to Bless others that are less fortunite with some love and warmth. Mother has a bundle of gloves for the children as well so this will be a great box of love to share.

It is our (Ron & I) Prayer that you are enjoying your fall weather and souroundings as well. May God Hold you in the palm of His Hand and keep you safe & healthy until we meet / chat again next month.. Blessings Ron & Jean

PS.. Make time everyday to spend in HIS WORD, your life will never be the same again

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