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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Koffee Time - Dolls & A Snake

I can't believe it's already Sept. 1, 2010. How fast this year has flown by. Sept. means fall is just about to come upon us, How blessed this time of year is. I so love the colors of all the tree's, like a quilters pattern waiting to be placed into that special quilt.

It's also raining here in Harrison. It's ben so dry here, this rain is most welcome to all our community.

Enjoyed not 1 but 2 visits from our Granddaughter JesseAnne this afternoon between classes at the college. I so love she just drops by for a visit and some Grandma hugs. We are so BLESSED.

                                       {3 Cabbage Patch Dolls}

Went into the NARMC Thrift store this morning while I was out running some errands, and not only found  several Cabbage Patch dolls, but I actually bought 3 of them each for $3.00. I tossed them into the washer and they are sitting on the dryer to dry. Then I will make them some clothes. Lace dress'es & bonnets. They are lovely and a good size for making baby clothes.

                                               {Our Perfect Grandson}

We also have our "PERFECT" Grandson. He sit's on the bed in the spare bedroom. He has such Precious smile, no diapers to change, no feedings, no crying, no temper tantrums, no demanding to be rocked or held. Nope, I also bought him in a thrift store, but haven't come up with that "perfect" name for him yet.. Any idea's?

Monday 8/30/10 evening, I was looking out the screen door out onto our deck when I saw a gentle movement out of the  corner of my left eye. I turned to the left and saw nothing, I started to turn away and saw a moment again, I turned and just stared into our handing flower pot which hangs behind Ron's BBQ & under the Wisteria Vine which is on a full trellis. Movement again, outside I went. I said Ron you better come out here, we have a snake in our hanging planter. Sure enough it was not a baby snake, but it was a young snake, not agressive at all, maybe a garden snake or something like that. Anyhow Ron moved it off the planter and down on the ground with the handle of the fly swater. Now everytime we go out on the deck, we look see if there might be another. Hea, that snake slithered up HIGH into that planter, and I sure didn't want it on our deck.. yuk my bare feet and night-fall, Oh My oh my

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