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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cyber Space & Your Children

It saddens me to wittness parents go off to work and let their children come home to an empty house/home/apartment etc.

Our children need loving arms to return home to, not a TV full of sex, guts, & violance, or computer where prediators are.

 Face Book, My Space, Chat Rooms, TV's,  Computers,  are FULL of 2 legged Prediators, pedifiles, rapist, abusers, need I go on, and YOUR allowing these kind of people to entertain & raise your children. They come into your home where your child should feel the safest and tell the empty child everything they  the child need's "YOU" to be telling them, and then they (_____) with your child. Where are you??  Why arn't you there when your child needs you the most?

Why are you allowing you 10 yr old child , 13yr old child, 15 yr old child to be on the computer UNSUPERVISED for these kind of animals to contact. And how about the cell phones, who are they texting and sending messages to on my space & face book?? Do you read and go over everything your child is involved with in the world of cyber space?

This is NOT a matter of trusting your child. You may very well indeed have an honest well brought up child, but the ones on line and in cyber space is another matter to be concerned with.

Single parnets, married couple all have to work, in a perfect world the Mom should be home raising her own precious children while her husband is off working. However today there is so many single parent homes, and I do understand that parents have to work in order to support themselves and their children. So with that being said I have some ideas for you.

Instead of your children coming home to an empty house, send them to Grandma's, how about after school activities at school, Some churches have after school activies for children. There is always the Boys & Girls club, youth centers. ETC. Have an older family member available to spend time with the children. I realise 15 yr old children don't want to go to babysitters, but they could go to friends homes where there is supervision. (SUPERVISION is the key word here)

How many wonderful children fall by the wayside and get caught up in the world of DRUGS & DRINKING, SEX before they fully understand the consquences, where do they fall from there. Having them busy keeps them from being iddle where these kinds of things begin to take over they empty lives

2 family incomes, sometimes sacrifices is a MUST when it comes to the lives of your children. Whats more important money or your childs life?

And thats my 2 cents worth...

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