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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Koffee Time - Weekly Review

What a day to have, Cooling temps outside, I'm a little spoiled after temps of high 60's & even 70 one day this week. Remember last week we had a foot of snow, funny time of year, one day it's winter and the next it's spring

Ron & I went out for dinner last evening. We went to Dixie Cafe and had a wonderful dinner, great service, even brought 1/2 of my dinner home as there was to much food. My only problem with our dinner was it must have been loaded with salt because I awoke this morning and my arm and hand we so swollen from fluid retention. I have to eat limited salt about 1,000 mg daily. Yes we will go back there again, but next time I'll try something with less salt. Funny thing is I didn't taste the salt and usually I can spot it right away... Hummn, something to ponder..

Took my Snickers, Sarah, & Spike to the groomers this morning. Boy do they need a good bath and trim. It's been about 7 weeks sence I last took them, but when we had the snow and ice I wasn't thinking of doggie hair cuts. Looking forward to seeing my little guy's face again.. Nothing worse then a poodle with to much hair.

So far this week, I've knitted on my shawl, crocheted 2 gnomes, knitted 2 baby hats with matching booties, & knitted 1 baby hat. Always keeping my hands busy & God Willing Blessings others as well.

Have a Blessed week everyone, and thanks for stopping by our BLOG

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.
~ Mother Teresa

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action.   ~ Mother Teresa

Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.  ~Mother Teresa

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody. 1 Thess. 4:11,12

"He kept me safe another night, I see another day. Now, may His Spirit, as the light, direct me in His way."

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