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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Febuary News

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I haven't written much lately so I thought I'd drop a few lines before my day begins. Being retired now, there always something to do and never enough time to get it all finished. Priorities is a must, whats most important, and what absoutle needs to be completed.

It's Febuary already, it COLD, Grey and yuk outside as we speak. Were due for yet another storm to begin anytime producing another 3 or 4 inches of SNOW.. Now mind you, I love the snow, always have, hopefully always will, but and I mean BUT when my Beloved Ron is home from work, our Daughter and Granddaughter are home and safe in their home, then I can relax and enjoy the snow.

Driving in the snow is one thing, the ice on the road from the melt off is completly another thing. Ice is so dangerous and uncontrolable, frightening for me anyhow. I hybernate to keep from being out on the ice

My Beloved is scheldulded to go to Dallas again later this month to school. I hate it when he's gone and this is such a bad time of year for anyone to be traveling (driving) long distance.. Keeping this situation deep within prayers.

I have been busy crocheting lately. I've made 6 Cozy Cuddle sets (Cozy Sac, Hat, Mitts, & Booties) for babies. Each dedicated to one of our 6 Granddaughters. They each have such a nice design. Click on their photo to enlarge the design, Good job if I do say so

Now I'm finishing my un-finished projects I've started and going to make a new Prayer Shawl for someone special. Don't know who will recieve it yet, (God will guide me in that decidion), but I so enjoy making them and Praying for the reciever.. Exciting

Have a Blessed month, If you don't have a Valentine, find a Senior Citizen and Bless their lives with some God Inspired Love

                                        ~ Jeanarie

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