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Monday, March 7, 2011

Strange Few Day's

Well this has been a strange last few days for us. Not sure how I'm feeling about it at the moment. Talking with my Lord and waiting for Him to guide and re-assure me in this strange groups of events

1.) a friend (Lloyd Kirkham) passed away. We know him & his wife Helen from TOPS. Lloyd has been in and our if ICU for the last 3 1/2 weeks litterly. When he went back into ICU this last time I just had a feeling, and then SCOLDED myself for allowing that thought to cross my mind.
My heart aches for his precious wife Helen & Son and church family who are all so deeply saddened by his passing. The only thing I can truly say about Lloyd is that he LOVED the LORD, Served Him Gladly, so I know I'll see Lloyd again when I make that trip myself.

2.) Last night while going through our spam folder on our yahoo.com e-mail I fell upon an e-mail from my brother David. David is quiet, estranged from our family, God only know why, breaks my heart, and our Precious 80 yr old Mother is just crushed by his estragment.
David has started a family tree with Ancestry.com and invited me to see what he has done. He did a wonderful job on his side of the family...  COODLES for ya Brother (Coodles = is a GREAT JOB). He found names of people on our Dad's side of the family I had never heard of, dates that are different from what I have, ETC. but all in all I'm delighted beyond words that he thought enough of us to share this information with us.. Touched my heart, truly did

3.) Today I found out my Brother Jim (who passed away a yr ago) 1st wife Sandy passed away. She was also estranged from her family (4 Beautiful Daughters - Tracy, Dawn, Rosemary, & Missy  & 6 Grandchildren) My heart breaks for them all because as long as Sandy was alive there was hope she would sober up and make amends for the lost relationship's & pain she caused her daughters.
I've loved & Prayed for Sandy over the years, It breaks my heart when I think of what could have been with her and the girls, yet, I'm so thankful for the time Sandy was a major part of my life and the love & closeness we two shared. I've always Love Ya Sandy and thought of you over the years, How I wish I could have made a difference in your life

Blessings ~Jeanarie

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