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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blue Boy 3

Well here it is already Saturday 1/23/2016 and much to share with you about BB.

Blue Bird seems to be a very happy little bird. Most of the day light hours he's busy singing churping away, then when I finish the evening dishes he quiets down mostly for the night, but when we turn off the lights for the night, he's quiet as a mouse... smile

BB doesn't care if we put out hands in his cage.He's not flighty in the least, until today. Our first lesson in hand training. I just put my hand in the cage flat open and left it the cage while I gently talked to him for several minutes.. Yes he seemed to know something was different. He did get some excited but kept coming back to his purch to be close by, yet free to escape if need be.... Tomorrow we try again

Have a Blessed day one in all

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  1. A little at a time and he will learn. I sometimes used a little millet to entice them with.