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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Blue Boy 2

We made it through our first night together. This silly bird sings and makes so much noise, I had forgotten how much noise parakeets make with our last set of birds being finches (little computers sounds)

Funny thing, when I put my hands into his cage, he's not at all flighty/scared or anything un-usual. I think maybe by this weekend I'll begin to hand train him and see how that goes. For the mean time I just want him to get used to our walking up the his cage and chatting with him.

When all the lights went off last evening, he quieted down and remained quiet through-out the night. When Ron awoke this morning to let Snickers (our lil doggie) he turned on the light and low and behold, Blue Boy began his singing & noise... I told Ron, when the lights on, looks like its free for all around here... smile

So glad we got our new little friend, I've missed having the beauty of God's little feather friends making such lovely sounds to sooth our souls inside

Have a Blessed day one & all

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  1. They are chatty little things! Once upon a time we had seven keets and a lovebird! Man could they go at it. At least they had their own room!