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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Praying For The Homeless

I contacted Jeff Crockett (Our Mayor) about our local homeless in Harrison AR.
Here's our conversation  on Facebook, and then my reply at bottom...

My Question:
What does Harrison do to help the homeless in freezing temps? In Calif. (Vista,
No. San Diego County) they open the armory (spelling), - in Springfield they
open shelters, BUT, we moved to Harrison 13 yrs ago and I can't remember
 hearing of anything they do to help those in such need as a little warmth, So
I've come right to the top (the man who knows what's going on in our little
town) and am asking what does Harrison do to help those less fortunate?

Jeff Crockett:
Harrison has the House of Hope that was started last year. Funding is a
challenge however and overnight lodging that is desperately needed has not
been established.

Julie N Kevin McClellan:
Where would someone take blankets n such to our homeless?

Jeff Crockett:
Take them to House of Hope across from Edwards Grocery

Feb.18,2014 - MY "JMSQ" Personal Opinion:
This opinion was not posted on face-book but instead here on my blog...

Instead of road diets, new traffic lights to work with our new road diet, stop lights
removed by Seville, stop signs put up and taken down by Seville, Pushing for a wet
county, new liquor stores, maybe we as a community might want to get involved
in something that truly matters, helping those less fortunate, or those that are
homeless (fault or no fault of their own, their still homeless and out in the
fridgid temps.)

I personally feel after such a LONG COLD & FRIDGID winter Harrison has yet
another black mark on their name, while were snug in our little homes, (for those
who drink) sipping their cocktails, feeling like the world is spinning great, we
have human beings out in the cold FREEZING to death... You think it doesn't
matter, just look at the  hospital records and see if financially it matters... 
SHAME of Harrison for turning their back on fellow human being's...

Open the youth center, the House of Hope building, the Churche gym's etc. and set
up some cots for these people to sleep on, The Churches can take turns helping
out and, How about serving them a hot bowl of oatmeal & cup of coffee start
their day off ...

We as a community can do so much to help out, if we all pull together...

Just my 2 cents worth on this subject


  1. so sad..they need to come up with a solution..
    praying for all the homeless, the cold and the hungry.

  2. So sad there is not a place for them to at least sleep inside out of the weather. Much easier to close one's eyes to it then do anything about it. Praying something is done.