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Monday, June 13, 2011

Bird Crashing in our Window

                                          Our Veranda Tea Pot Garden

Yesterday Sunday 6/12/11 Ron was in the kitchen when we heard a bang on our windows in the front of our mobile home. We both went what was that, looked out the front of kitchen window and saw a wild hawk type of  bird, stun ' ed, finally after a few moments it was able to quickly low fly away.

We went outside to check the damanges and the silly thing put a hole in our middle window( about the size  a bb gun would have made) then on the lower window the screen was full of chest feathers and liquid, some bloody colored, mostly just liquid from the bird. We looked down and our hosta's were also filled with the small lil feathers from this bird.

I sure hope the bird lived, we figured it must have seen a lizard, or mouse, maybe even a snake and was trying to get it without realising our windows were right there as well. I'm sure glad we were home when it happened as I would have flipped if I looked and saw the hole in the window and thought someone was shooting a BB gun at our house. Boy oh boy did the birdhit hard on the window, thankfully it was double panned, so we'll replace it "God Willing"  before winter..

Strange things happen even here in the Beautiful Ozarks

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