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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Silly Questions

                                     So I ask myself some silly questions

1.) Why is it, when I say to our Precious Snickers, do you, or let's, go for a walk, he gets excited?

2.) Would you like to go for a ride? He goes to the door??

3.) Do you want dinner? He spins in circles??

4.) when it's time to go to the groomers, he shakes? How does he know?

5.) When it's time for Dad to come home from work? He go to the door??

                                 {our's is Blue, it hangs on his leash}
6.) So just how do dog's understand anyhow?, When walking and he has to go poop, after he stops and waits for me to bend down and scoop up the poop with our cute little bags, how does he know I'm going to do that??? I mean, he's known from the very first time?

Now when it's vacation time and we'll be planning to do this or that, I sit with him and tell him well in advance what the plans are and just how he fits into this mystery, but somehow he just seems to know everything before and at the precise time whats going to happen or take place in our lives

So I ask myself, How does He know??? HUMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNN

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