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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dog Poop Etiquette

Today, I stopped to mail a letter and had to tip toe around someones
DOG CRAP. This is NOT FAIR to the other people living in this park to
have to clean up after someone else's DOG POOP MESS.. PERIOD!!!
My own mother has trouble walking on the rocks at the mail box, now she has
to worry about stepping in DOG CRAP, I don't think so, ENOUGH is ENOUGH

This is truly how I feel:
If you want to have your furry friends, let them CRAP in YOUR OWN
so others won't have to be offened by your lack of caring or curtisy.

{This is the despenser we personally use, only our's is blue, we bought it at Wal-Mart for $5.00, with 2 rolls of bags. It hangs on the handle of our leash and always ready to go for our walks. I highly reccomend it. Once empty you can either buy refill bags [120 for $5.00 @ Wal-Mart] or use bags from your local Dallor store [30 bags for $1.00]

                                             {More cute bag dispensers}

I have given away poop bags to several of our neighbors, yet, none use them
excupt Mom & myself.. This saddens me to no end. This is our home,
we want it to be nice for everyone and that means everyone should do their
part and keep their own yards, DOG MESS'es, & children cleaned
up after.
                                           "Clean Up After Your Dog!"

No person owning or having a right to control any animal shall permit such
animal to do any of the following:

1. Defecate or urinate on private property other than the private property of
the owner or the person having a right to control the animal;

2. Defecate on public property without immediately cleaning or removing
the excrement to a proper receptacle.’

I believe every dog owner has a responsibility to pick up after their dog.
It’s such a shame that a small number of owners put dogs in a bad light,
as there are millions of responsible owners and well-behaved dogs out there!

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