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Monday, April 4, 2011

Koffee Time

Here is is already April, how fast the time is flying. March was "COLD" here in the Ozarks, Then towards the end of the month it went up to high 70's and even yesterday it was 87, oh I feel SPRING in the air, however, today back down to the 40's and windy...

Ron had alot of time in pain between his hip & shoulder. Dr. said it arthritis and this is heartbreaking for me to watch my Beloved hobbling around in such pain. Ron is such a "GOOD MAN" and doesn't desirve this!!!!

Ron loves to garden, his seeds took a back seat this year getting started, he just is, thats all; Anyhow April came and Ron got busy with small projects and small gardens cleaned, Gladolias planted, onions planted & some garden container planted and sitting on our verondia / deck.

You can't change anyone...you can't fix anyone... only yourself..Be yourself always..Don't be judged by anyone but God- and God loves you even when you make mistakes..LOVE, PRAY, FORGIVE..AND FORGIVE YOURSELF

In Dec. 2010 my Mother got herself a Nook. I knew nothing about them, but had to learn in order to set her's up and help her with finding books, understanding the Nook Etc. It was very frustrating for me because I knew NOTHING about them nor did she, only that she saw Dr. Oz, Oprah, & Ellen give the Kendell's (E-Readers) away on their shows and she wanted one. We got to Best Buy and they were out of Kendells, but had only 2 Nooks left so we got one.

Here's the link to my first encounter of the Nook back in Dec.2010

Well now it's April 2011 and I've played some on Mom's and decided it's a great idea to have 1500 storage of books, small enough to fit in your purse, and I think I'd like to have one.

Ron took me to Best Buy on Sat. 4/2/2011 and bought me a Nook. I registered it, set my perfrences up, ordered some books, and got several FREE books from Barns & Noble and I love mine.!!!!!! Yesterday I set up my shelf's for my books, have just enjoyed everything about my Nook. If I only had time "alone" with Mom's Nook I may very well have gone and got my own long before now, thats how much I like my Nook.

 So Yesterday 4/3/11 in the afternoon I got Mom's and brought it over to my house to set up her shelf's, and prefrences for her. On my way back over to her her, it (her Nook) decided to up-grade, so we waited, what it did was RE-SET it'self to original setting. I had to re-regester her Nook, set up her prefrences, set up her book shelfs, and text size. I opened her book for her and went back home, THINKING ok now Mom is set and able to read and enjoy her Nook... (Thats what I get for thinking)

This morning, Mom's car wouldn't start so she needed me to take both her and my Aunt to the dentist. I got dressed, grabbed my Nook, and off we went. While in the dentist office, Mom notified me her Nook went to tiny text size and her book would NOT open or turn pages. NOW WHAT DO I DO? I decided to call Best Buy and see if they will exchange it for a new one, and start over again. We'll see later what happens when I call them.

MINE, works perfectly, I enjoyed sitting quietly in the dentist office reading my sweet Nook, while Mom and Aunt Lois entertained the dentist in the back.


I hope everyone enjoyes everyday this month, think of something possitive you can get involved with, pick some wild flowers and share with your neighbor..

                                            {Jesus Is LORD}

                                                ~ Jeanarie

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