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Friday, January 21, 2011

Tribute to Mom & Dad Q {RHQ}

                                     Tribute To Ron's{RHQ} Parents
                                               From Ron himself

My Parents names are Homer & Ramona.They are the parents of 7 children,-- Sharon, Ron, Frank, Trina, Julie, Faith, & Shawn.

Dad worked in the steel mills and doing odd jobs around town to make ends meet, while Mom stayed home and raised our family. My parents worked long and hard but never complaned.

My parents celebrated their 61th anniv. in Feb.2009 of which I'm real proud.

I am grateful to have the ties that bind us together as a family.

My parents are Strong, Warm, Supporting & Loving, of which I try to follow there footsteps with our children.

This is in Honor of You Mom & Dad- I {RHQ} Love You & Thanks. Jan.10th,1996

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