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Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Friends & Family

                                       {MERRY CHRISTMAS}
For there is born to "YOU" this day in the city of David a Saviour who is Christ the LORD  ... Luke 2:11

Dear Family & Friends,

December is here, burrrr, and brought with it the COLD, deep cold.

Ron had been busy putting up decoratations. He loves to decorate for Christmas. I have to admit I don't care for decoratating for the Holidays or anytime (it's just not my thing), BUT, Love it when it's finished. Ron always does such a wonderful job, and truthfully our home looks so nice when he turns on the outside lights. We bought a new tree this year, our old one was only about 12-15 yrs old and getting more sparce as the years wore on. Our new tree came with lights already on it, so how lucky is that, it's lovely and Ronnie's angel he made for us back in 1982 hangs proudly right there on top where she belongs. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without our precious Angel. She has topped our tree every year sence Ronnie gave her to us.

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving, Our Daughter & oldest Granddaughter Jesse came for dinner, and we took dinner next door to Mom & Aunt Lois as it was to cold for them to come out. We heard from both the boys for Thanksgiving so were very Blessed indeed, but we miss our Hugs from them.

Where ever you are, It is our Prayer you are taking in your winter sourrounds and remaining Thankful for all your Blessings.

                         Merry Christmas one & All

Blessings Ron & Jean

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