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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


                                          Meet Tweedy Bird

Tweety Meets Blue Bird

                                        Tweety & Blue Bird Together

1. Meet Tweedy Bird, our newest addition to the family
2. Tweedy meets Blue Bird
3. Tweedy & Blue Bird together at last

We tried to get Blue Bird (BB) on our hands, he would get shakey
and then stand offish, he didn't mind me getting into the cage, just
if I held my hand in the cage or tried to get him on it, so after much
thought I'd rather have a calm happy bird then a shakey bird
frightened of us.

We went today and bought Tweedy Bird to keep him company.
Blue Bird still isn't sure of Tweedy but they are together. Tweedy
loves the swing (BB not so much) and Tweedy loves the rings
 (BB not so much).. BB loves the mirror with the treat compartment,
Tweedy tried to take it over and BB let her know he wasn't having it...
This should be fun watching them..

One of them is churping away happy as a tick on a dog, the other one
is on the purch just watching... HUMMN

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