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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Open Minded VS God Minded

                                             Open Minded VS God Minded:

 Time to vent here, just because you don't belong to the 'feel good church' (you know, if it feels good we'll go ahead and do it), doesn't mean that your 'closed minded',...

If your standing on God's Word regardless of what others are doing in their lives, means that your God Minded. If God said it's it's sin, then it's sin, Sin is sin and just because you don't agree with another's view on their life style does not mean your ...not open minded, it means your God Minded...

Were as Christians are called to Love our neighbor as ourselves. We can hate the sin in their lives, and yet still love them and pray for them... Always doing good to & for them, and not wollow in the muck of their sinful lifestyles...

{I'm NOT closed minded, I'm God Minded}

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