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Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Simple Thank You

I've often wanted to say something about this subject, but
I also wanted to make sure it was said with an honest heart
and "not" hurt feelings.

When I was a child and someone would send me a card, or gift
or said something nice to us, we were taught to say thank you.
Yes & or no mam/sir and to always be respectful of others... PERIOD

If someone sent us a card or gift in the mail, we were taught to
send them a thank you card. NO we didn't have to get all mushy
over it, just a simple thank you ~or~ you gift arrived and meant
so much to me along with your thoughtfullness etc.

Today with the computer age, a simple e-mail would work just as
well, HOWEVER even that seems to be to much to ask from some people.

Were not rich, but everytime we send a card for our Grandchildren's b-days'
we'd enclose a small amount of cash for them to have fun with.. We would
send them Christmas gifts, and then as our grandchildren got older we'd
send money to them for Christmas..
Only 1 grandchild was ever grateful and thankful (the 1 raised near us),
the rest would never say we got it, thanks, drop dead, etc. NEVER...
After waiting weeks for a reply would contact them to see if it ever arrived..
Then if they felt lead to a thanks they would say yea we got it...
(I always felt as if I'm begging for a reply, and this should not be)

I had an 82 yr old lady contact me on face book and ask me to make
her sister a hat (her sister is fighting cancer), I did so happily,
mailed it off and never heard back from her... She made a big hoopla
over a fellow Texan who also made and sent things to her sister, a
special thank you to a special friend who also did something nice
for her sister, but never once mentioned my gift.
I didn't ask for anything in return, I sent it without strings attached,
but a simple my sister received your gift without my having to ask
2 weeks later would have been nice.

When you're not acknowledged it makes one not want to send things
out to their loved ones ~or~ do nice things for others, sometimes the hurt
is just to painful. Just saying

This evening I received a Beautiful Thank You from a Very Special Friend in IN. for the gifts I sent her... I'm Blessed and feeling a lot better...JMSQ

NO she hadn't seen this message before she sent the thanks, I didn't post it until later in the day before I found her message...JMSQ

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