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Monday, June 24, 2013

White Flash

As you know we (My Beloved Ron) and I were in a car accident
2 weeks ago. It has been a long 2 weeks with pain involved,
insurances company's, why's and the other party involved in
the accident living just 4 mobile homes down from us.

I've often asked about the accident, you see I'm missing
the seconds between my husband yelling (???) and the white
blur out of the right side of my vision, then him yelling
get out of the car, and the awful pain in my chest, ribs,
and breast.

I don't remember the actual "hit" but I can hear the crunch,
if you know what I mean. glass broken, air bags, dash destroyed,
the front of our car a completed wreck etc. are all the missing
pieces. (Yes our car was totaled, but our lives were spared,

In a flash I had the "WHITE flash" out of the right side of my vision,
I have asked why over and over again, our precious lil blue sentra
was almost paid off, in perfect condition and we were so happy to
know we had a dependable car for the next 5-10 yrs as my Beloved
is getting ready to retire from full time work in Aug. and just
work a couple days a week. We have been busy tieing up loose financial
ends and preparing for the retirement stages of our lives.

This morning as I was readying my Bible, the WHITE FLASH went through my
minds eye, and all at once I heard in my mind, in the flash of a light,
your life here on earth will end. NO warning, just done, white flash,
it's over. Tell it to the people, get ready to meet the LORD, stop worrying
about matters here on earth and get right before the Lord. In the blink of
an eye He will come to fetch you, and what condiction will you be in.

So I'm sharing this with you, What condition will you be in, will you be
worrying about matters that have no value to the Lord, or will you be
preparing to reside with our Living Lord?

Do you have hidden issues you need to get right before the Lord, confess
those stured up feeling about them and give it all to the Lord, Wash
yourself and cleanse yourself, Life here on  earth is temperal, but
life everlasting is forever. Repent of the things that have held you
in bondage of a lifetime and free yourself to live for Jesus, He died
to give you that freedom and life everlasting, will you accept His gift,
or will you live your eternal life in the flames of hell?

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  1. Excellent post! With all our moving nonsense I either didn't know of the accident or forgot. Thankful it was not worse for you both and that you are using it as a lesson and a warning to share with others.