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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dr. appt. up-date

Ron and I went to Little Rock this morning and saw the Dr. that did my surgery. He said he is 99.9999% sure he got all the cancer and I should never have that problem again.

He also said that my cancer was a stage 1b which means it wasn't agressive and stayed in the wall of my uterous. It did NOT spread to any mussles or lymphnodes... I will NOT have to have any further treatments (NO CHEMO - NO RADIATION) but I do have to return in 4 months to make sure all the fluids that are still seeping out of me have stopped..

I'm Praising God for this wonderful news, I'm on cloud 9 and ready to do the happy dance in the street in the middle of the rain

Have a Blessed evening... Love & Hugs