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Thursday, November 15, 2012


                     Update on how things are progressing...
Medicare would NOT accept me... I'm NOT on Social Security, I'm NOT
disabled, I'm NOT blind, I DON'T have a child under 18...PERIOD
The woman all but said we have NO PROGRAMS for people like
you, just go home & die... Rhonda & I left the office in tears.
Later that afternoon we went to see my OBGYN... She's the Dr that
did my DNC and gave me the news that the cancer was back only in
my uterous this time... After I told her what happened at the Welfare
office, She was pretty upset that were going through this, and she
made arragments with a Dr. in Little Rock who has agreed to see
me on the 29th and has agreed to take payments for the surgery...
Praise God So we have that to look forward to...[fingers are crossed]
We have said all along that we'll pay for the surgery & treatment if
only they will agree to take payments. Thankfully this Dr is willing
to help us...
This is my FREE advice for all of you & your families: If you have
no insurance, or a member of your family has no insurance and your
over 18 ~or~ younger then 65 your in deep trouble. Any job that has
{insurance benifits} is worth grabbing on to... [I don't care if it's
scrubbing toilets] Get hold of and keep your jobs, because insurance
is worth more then a raise especially when things like this pop into
your life un-invited...
Why I don't have insurance, because 14 yrs ago I had breast cancer.
We had wonderful insurance that paid 100% of my bill... But when
we moved to Arkansas, they listed me as "high risk" and now we
can't afford the HIGH fee's for insurance.... Legally they can't refuse
me insurance, but they can raise the fee's extremly high which makes
it un-afforadable... with that being said, I'm at God's Mercy,
I KNOW God's in control, however, sometimes I wish He'd share
His plans with me to relieve some of the stress at my end.
Don't feel sorry for me. I'd gladly go through the trials if it saves
another from having to go through them..
I'm sharing this "only" in hopes of saving another of going through
ths struggle & stress in their lives.  Watching the pain of your
loved ones who have their hands tied with no way to help is beyond
any way to express... I worry so much for each of them
With all the billions of dollars the Cancer Society, Diabetes, MS Society
have raked in over the years, people should not have to stress over the
cost for treatment & cure, ... "I'm Just saying"...

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