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Monday, March 5, 2012

E-Diets - BEWARE

Today, My Mother called E-diets (was on a comercial on TV) - (Biggest Looser use's this diet plan) and talked with someone named Charles. He asked her for her debt. card information right away (BIG RED LIGHT in my eyes) and told her to go on line and choose what foods etc she wanted. she explained she needed me to help her because using the computer confuse her, so I went next door to see what was going on, and told her this was NOT GOOD for her with her health concerns &  illness'es. She called Charles right away to cancel and was informed they were charging her for 1 week regardless if she used their program or not. I got on the phone and flat told this young man that they better not charge my mothers card. There was NO CONTRACT signed or finalization of these services and they had no right to take it upon themselves to charge my 82 yr old mother for this. He argued and I told him I had power of attorney over my mother and he did NOT talk with me and I refused these services. I refused to argue with him after threating to own his underware if he continued with this crazy service/charge and hung up.

From the moment Mom called and I went to her house and returned their call refusing this service was 15 minutes if that.

We then called the bank and they already had $169.- plus change on one charge and another for $139.- plus change on her card. The bank said they were testing Mom's acct to see if the charges will go through, and if they completed the charges I can go into the bank and have them reversed tomorrow. It's a little different then if it's a paper check with everything so fast on computers these days.

BEWARE of E-diets!!!!!!! They are not wholesome company. They are a bunch of crooks and taking advantage even after being told that because of health issues one can't use their services let alone afford them

A reputable company would have understood the delicate nature of this situation with my 82 yr. old mother, instead this company was after money, only money regardless of the effects it may cause for my mother... Shame on them!!!!

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  1. Sadly there are plenty of companies looking to rip off any and everyone they can.