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Monday, December 12, 2011

Snicker Moment

               Snickers enjoying the Christmas Decorations..

Having 4 legged family members can be stressful on them during the Holidays. (any Holiday), We noticed that when Ron started bringing in the decorations he (Snickers) began to shake, dribble, and pace, I scooped him up and held in within my arms and reassured him that his little world was just fine and within a couple hours he seemed to realise that all the boxes were leaving as decorations were being put into place, He even got down to check things out for himself.... Happy Days are here again

Remember your lil ones with all the festivies going on around them, it may make sence to us as adults, but our fur babies and weee littles need extra assurance that they are loved and their world as they know it, is secure

                            MERRY CHRISTMAS

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