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Friday, July 15, 2011

Calming Down Now

My 80 yr old Aunt has been in the hospital for 2 weeks. Yesterday late afternoon
they transfered her into a nursing home. She has full blown dementia and is
usually in her own world, but every once in awhile there is still a little ray
of light into the woman she once was.

Early last evening (Thursday) my Beloved and I went to see her and make sure
everything was alright. I had taken a wheel chair wrap, walker tote, 4 brand new
pj's sets, a 10 pk. of new panties, 5 pairs of new socks with the little rubber
stickies on the bottom of them. ALL labled with her name

Today I ran up to Wal-Mart to pick up some fresh snacks for her as she loves
little snacks and peanut butter. I labled all my plastic jars with her name on
them, peanut butter cups, peanut butter mini crackers, peanut butter crackers,
and un-salted peanuts, I also found her a little brown stuffed dog with white
and pink spots, adorable pink ears, labled everything and into her room I went

She grabbed her little dog and hugged it, loved on it and so forth. She enjoyed
some peanut butter cups, how she loves chocolate, she believes choclate was
created to keep women happy... (smile), then I looked around.

1 outfit was already missing, her wheel chair wrap, & walker tote were all gone.
In her walker tote was her glass case & photo of she and her little dog. all
gone (in less then 24 hrs), no one has a clue where they are or why they are missing.

When I told Mom they were already gone, we both kinda shock out heads and
decided Lois enjoyed them for the couple hours she had then. (deep inside I was
fuming), I wonder how long before her snacks are gone, at home they would last
her at least a week as she just nibbles every now and then

Some times I still am in shock at what others will do to the elderly, shame on
them and all involved...

You can be sure I will keep popping in all hours to keep an eye on her!!!

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