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Monday, November 1, 2010

October's E-Letter & Ramblings

Well today turned Nov. 1, 2010, where oh where has time gone???

The weather has cooled down quite alot. I open the windows durning the day to let the fresh air in, but find I close them about 5 or so when the evening chill starts to attack my toes. Once my toes get cold, I'm done for..smile
I even dug out our winter blanket & flanel sheets to keep us snug as a bug in our toasty bed. Such a pleasure to look forward to after a long day working, tending to chores & such to go crawl into a toasty bed with my Beloved.

Ron and I had a lovely Mini vacation in OK again in Oct. I got alot of knitting down, a few patterns came to mind, jotted them down so I wouldn't forget them. Ron always enjoyes his mini vacations, it relaxes him. He works so hard and just needs some down time.

Funny thing happened just before Ron & I left for OK. I recieved a birthday card I mailed our Daughter-in-Love back in May that she never recieved. When Ron first handed it to me I said I haven't sent anything to Marla for months, YET, it was post marked Oct. when it was found out in Calif. and the wrong address???? 1 + 1 is not adding up to 2 here. I got a little up-set because I didn't want Marla to think I forgot her Birthday. (The kids were here in May and I mailed it out right after they left for Calif) Well I contacted her and got the correct address and told her what had happened, so at least she knows I didn't forget her... I Love her so Dearly and am so THANKFUL Lance found her and married her. They both are so BLESSEd & good for eachother.

After 10 months without wearing my headcovering, I'm wearing it again. I wore it for 2 years, then took it off and decided it wasn't what I wanted or needed at this time in my life... BOY was I WRONG. After much PRAYER, my headcovering is back on to STAY, and I've even ordered 2 new ones from Joyce's coverings and am looking forward to them arriving. And YES, Jumpers, Skirts etc are back to stay as well. (Modest dressing)
Went out today and boy oh boy what a difference, the feeling of walking in God's Blessings, curtise people in Wal-Mart- what a difference..  Thank You Lord for directing my steps and guiding me back inside Your Fold..

Ron spendt the  weekend diggin up his Dalia's bulbs to store away until Spring when he'll re-plant them. This is such a good thing becuse they are such a treasure. The BIG PURPLE ones were his Grandfather's, so they mean alot to ron.

Last evening Mom & I had to take my Aunt to the Hospital. Se was blacking out and in a whir spin. They ran all kinds of test on her and found a sinus infection. We got home about 10pm and everyone settled in for a good nights rest

I Pray everyone reading this has a BLESSED NOVEMBER.. Make a list of all the things your THANKFUL for and spend some time looking back on it being thankful all over again

Have a BLessed Thanksgiving one & all... Blessings Jeanarie

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